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Updated: 24.10.2014
Government of Republic of Moldova
95 polling stations for Moldovan parliamentary elections to be opened abroad
20.10.2014 18:26
The government adopted a decision to this effect at the Cabinet's meeting today. The polling stations will be set up within the premises of diplomatic and consular missions as well as other locations with the consent of the competent authorities of the respective country.
Moldovans to be able to make money transfers much cheaper from Italy or Moldova
20.10.2014 13:09
A new money transfer service between the Italian and Moldovan Post Offices was launched today. Attending the event was Prime Minister Iurie Leanca.
Prime Minister Iurie Leanca covered 17 km by bicycle on the restored highway Sarateni-Soroca
19.10.2014 16:14
The prime minister joined the U.S. Ambassador to Moldova William H. Moser and the cyclists at the race organised by the embassy of the United States – the country which reconstructed the highway Sarateni-Soroca.
Prime Minister Iurie Leanca today participated in the ceremony dedicated to the professional holiday, Lawyer's Day
18.10.2014 12:39
The prime minister conveyed a message of congratulations and good wishes to all professionals in the legal system in Moldova, regardless of their career branch and field.
Moldovan PM starts preparation for new programme on American assistance
17.10.2014 17:45
Prime Minister Iurie Leanca today had a meeting with representatives of state institutions in charge of enforcing the Compact Programme, financed by the U.S. Government via the Millennium Challenges Corporation.
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