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Updated: 30.10.2014
Government of Republic of Moldova
Home / Press service / Press Communiqué / Prime Minister Vlad Filat paid a working visit to the eastern Dubasari district today
Prime Minister Vlad Filat paid a working visit to the eastern Dubasari district today
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On the sidelines of the visit, the prime minister chaired a meeting with the district's activists. He laid flowers at the grave of Vadim Pisari (a young Moldovan who was shot dead by a Russian peacekeeper while crossing the bridge across the Dniestre river) and discussed with participants in a protest rally held on the bridge across the Dniestre river.

Today morning, Vlad Filat and Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Eugen Carpov laid flowers at the grave of Vadim Pisari. Filat expressed condolences to the family of the departed, and gave assurances that the Pisari family members will be provided with the needed support.

Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Carpov, Interior Minister Alexei Roibu, Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta, the acting director of the Security and Information Service (SIS), Valentin Dediu, First Deputy Prosecutor General Andrei Pintea, the leadership of the Dubasari district, local authorities, economic agents, Transnistrian war veterans, residents of Moldova-run villages from the left bank of the Dniestre attended the meeting with the Dubasari district's activists.

The head of the Dubasari district, Grigore Policinschi, welcomed the visit to the district by the prime minister. He noted that this is a good opportunity to consider the present problems and set priorities for the future. Policinschi appreciated the actions undertaken by the law-enforcement bodies not to allow the deterioration of the situation in the region.

Representatives of the local authorities and veterans' organizations listed problems related to people's security, obstacles to the movement created by the illegally set posts, as well as economic and social problems.

The prime minister said the goal of this visit is to discuss the current problems, as well as to establish actions to back the residents from the region.

Vlad Filat referred to the Transnistrian settlement process and to the checkpoints placed in the region. He said this situation appeared after the Transnistrian war.

The prime minister said the government managed to achieve certain results in the Transnistrian settlement process. Filat stressed that there were no even contacts between the two banks of the Dniestre at the beginning of his mandate. The prime minister said problems created by the checkpoints will be solved at the five-plus-two negotiations, with the objective being to remove these posts.

"During all the visits paid abroad, we raised the foreign partners' awareness about Moldova's reintegration issue, and we enjoy their support now. This is a process that will take time. Although it is difficult to stay calm, please, be with us in this very complicated process," Vlad Filat said.

The prime minister underlined that the government knows all the problems set forth by the participants in the meeting. Vlad Filat asked the deputy prime minister for reintegration to set up a working group on the development of the settlements from the left bank of the Dniestre. The prime minister said that, in 2012, about 2 billion lei is earmarked for development, and urged the local authorities to turn to account these funds. The concerned working group will include one deputy minister from each ministry, the leadership of the Dubasari district, mayoralties of the concerned settlements. The working group will have at its disposal one month to elaborate projects on the development of these settlements.

Vlad Filat said all the necessary measures will be taken to settle the issue of tilling the farmlands situated beyond the Tiraspol-Ribnita highway.

"We will prove the same openness while settling the Transnistrian problem. Yet, the measures that are to be undertaken are to be for the benefit of the economic agents from both banks of the Dniestre," the prime minister emphasized.

Deputy Prime Minister Eugen Carpov informed those present about the measures taken to solve the problems of the residents from the left bank of the Dniestre, as well as those concerning the Transnistrian conflict settlement.

Referring to the incident which resulted in the death of a Moldovan citizen, Eugen Carpov said all the elements of this case are presently elucidated, the guilty people are identified, and measures are taken to prevent such cases in the long run. At the same time, the concrete blocks were removed from the post No 9 across the Dniestre river, and the same thing is to be done at other checkpoints as well.

The deputy prime minister reconfirmed the Moldovan authorities' position on the replacement of the peacekeeping mission with a civilian one with international mandate. He said Moldova enjoys every support of the international partners in this issue.

Eugen Carpov said the next five-plus-two official meeting will be held in late next February, and the participants in the event will discuss also the tragic incident that took place on 1 January.

Finance Minister Veaceslav Negruta talked about ways to subsidize the farmers, provide medical insurance policies, which are given to the residents of the left bank of the Dniestre free of charge, offer social allowances to some categories of citizens.

The prime minister also discussed with the participants in a protest action held on the bridge across the Dniestre, who showed concern about the present situation. They demanded that the authorities not allow the repeating of such cases in the long run.

Vlad Filat said he supports the protesters' requirements, and shares the same viewpoint regarding the need to withdraw the checkpoints and turn the peacekeeping mission into a civilian one.

The prime minister informed the protesters about the measures undertaken to this end so far. He specified that the government is also to adopt other decisions with the participation of the partners during talks on a final settlement of the Transnistrian conflict.




Home / Press service / Press Communiqué / Prime Minister Vlad Filat paid a working visit to the eastern Dubasari district today
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