Prime Minister Pavel Filip and the European Commissar Johannes Hahn, September 26, 2016
The 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly, September 23, 2016
The meeting of the Prime Minister Pavel Filip with the US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria...
Council of Heads of State from CIS, September 16, 2016
Independence Day of the Republic of Moldova, August 27, 2016
Moldova - European Union Association Council
Pavel Filip and Martin Schulz, Brussels 2016


The new action plan on implementing Association Agreement for 2017-2019 is under elaboration

29/09/2016 | Views: 23
The governmental commission for European integration considered the developments of implementing the commitments to foreign partners at a new meeting, held on 28 September, and chaired by Prime Minister Pavel Filip. ...

Pavel Filip at the meeting with a delegation of the PACE: The president elections will be fair and transparent

29/09/2016 | Views: 27
Prime Minister Pavel Filip today had a meeting with a delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, led by Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter.. ...

Сabinet of ministers approved a series of measures to prevent swine flu spread in Moldova

28/09/2016 | Views: 34
The cabinet of ministers, at a today’s meeting, approved a decision to temporarily ban the import from Ukraine of animals receptive to the African swine flu virus. ...

Government adopted measures to enhance citizens' access to quality medicines

28/09/2016 | Views: 36
The government today adopted a string of amendments to the way medicines are compensated in conditions of mandatory health insurances. The amendments are meant to enhance the residents’ access to compensated medication, as well as to improve the population’s health indexes. ...

Castel Mimi company awarded with the Grand Prize for wine

28/09/2016 | Views: 36
The Government offered "Castel Mimi" company the Grand Prize in wine on the National Wine Day’s eve. A decision to this effect was taken today by the Cabinet of Ministers, to the proposal of Commission consisting of specialists in wine. ...

Pavel Filip about the motion of censure against the government: It is an electoral and populist approach

28/09/2016 | Views: 36
At the beginning of Executive’s meeting, Pavel Filip talked about the motion of censure filed by a group of MPs, following the decision of the Government to engage the liability of the seven major laws. ...

The government adopted national program on cancer control

28/09/2016 | Views: 143
The Cabinet of Ministers approved at its today meeting the national cancer control program for 2016-2025. The document is focused on reducing cancer mortality and improving the quality of life of patients diagnosed with this disease. ...
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